Name Attribute Description
applgrid-1.4.70 nur.repos.gricad.applgrid The APPLgrid project provides a fast and flexible way to reproduce the results of full NLO calculations with any input parton distribution set in only a few milliseconds rather than the weeks normally required to gain adequate statistics
arpack-ng-3.5.0 nur.repos.gricad.arpackNG Library for eigenvalues and eigenvectors
bagel nur.repos.gricad.bagel BAGEL is a parallel electronic-structure program licensed under the GNU General Public License.
dcw-gmt-1.1.4 nur.repos.gricad.dcw-gmt Digital Chart of the World (DCW) for GMT
fate nur.repos.gricad.fate
fftw-double-3.3.8 nur.repos.gricad.fftw3 Fastest Fourier Transform in the West library
gdal-3.0.4 nur.repos.gricad.gdal Translator library for raster geospatial data formats
gdl nur.repos.gricad.gdl A free and open-source IDL/PV-WAVE compiler
gerris-131206 nur.repos.gricad.gerris
gmt-5.4.5 nur.repos.gricad.gmt The Generic Mapping Tools
gshhg-gmt-2.3.7 nur.repos.gricad.gshhg-gmt Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Geography (GSHHG)
gts-121130 nur.repos.gricad.gts121130 GNU Triangulated Surface Library
hello-2.10 nur.repos.gricad.hello A program that produces a familiar, friendly greeting
hoppet-1.2.0 nur.repos.gricad.hoppet Higher Order Perturbative Parton Evolution Toolkit
hp2p-3.3 nur.repos.gricad.hp2p a MPI based benchmark for network diagnostic
hpl-2.3 nur.repos.gricad.hpl Portable Implementation of the Linpack Benchmark for Distributed-Memory Computers
intel-compilers-2017 Intel compilers and libraries 2017
intel-compilers-2018u4 Intel compilers and libraries 2018 update 4
intel-compilers-2019u3 Intel compilers and libraries 2019 update 3
irods-4.2.7 nur.repos.gricad.irods Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS)
irods-icommands-4.2.7 nur.repos.gricad.irods-icommands Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) CLI clients
lhapdf59 nur.repos.gricad.lhapdf59 LHApdf 59
libfabric-1.9.0 nur.repos.gricad.libfabric Open Fabric Interfaces
messer-slim-3.2.1 nur.repos.gricad.messer-slim An evolutionary simulation framework
migrate nur.repos.gricad.migrate Estimates population size, migration, population splitting parameters using genetic/genomic data
mpi-ping-1.0 nur.repos.gricad.mpi-ping
obitools3-3.0.1b7 nur.repos.gricad.obitools3 Management of analyses and data in DNA metabarcoding
opa-psm2-10_10_1_0_36 nur.repos.gricad.psm2 The PSM2 library supports a number of fabric media and stacks
openmpi-1.10.7 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi1 Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2 Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2-ib Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2-opa Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-3.1.5 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi3 Open source MPI-3 implementation
openmpi-4.0.3 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi Open source MPI-3 implementation
petsc-3.11.4 nur.repos.gricad.petsc Library of linear algebra algorithms for solving partial differential equations
petsc-3.11.4 nur.repos.gricad.petscReal Library of linear algebra algorithms for solving partial differential equations
plplot nur.repos.gricad.plplot PLplot is a cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots
scotch-6.0.5a nur.repos.gricad.scotch-mumps Graph and mesh/hypergraph partitioning, graph clustering, and sparse matrix ordering
stacks-2.4 nur.repos.gricad.stacks Software pipeline for building loci from short-read sequences
suitesparse-5.7.1 nur.repos.gricad.suitesparse A suite of sparse matrix algorithms
szip-2.1.1 nur.repos.gricad.szip Compression library that can be used with the hdf5 library
trilinos-release-12-18-1 nur.repos.gricad.trilinos A self-contained collection of software in Trilinos focused on one primary class of numerical methods.
udocker-1.1.1 nur.repos.gricad.udocker basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in user space without root privileges
zonation-core-4.0.0fmp nur.repos.gricad.zonation-core Spatial conservation prioritization framework for large-scale conservation planning