Name Attribute Description
amcdx-video-patcher-cli-v0.6.7 nur.repos.jitterbug.amcdx-video-patcher-cli AMCDX Video Patcher CLI
ltfs-v2.4.6.0-10507 nur.repos.jitterbug.ltfs Reference LTFS implementation
python3.11-pyhht-0.1.0 nur.repos.jitterbug.pyhht A Python module for the Hilbert Huang Transform
stfs-8f2e83c3828b9cb9891766f31b695d5f80c63e75 nur.repos.jitterbug.stfs Simple Tape File System (STFS), a file system for tapes and tar files.
python3.11-tbc-video-export-0.0.13 nur.repos.jitterbug.tbc-video-export Script for exporting TBC files to video.
vapoursynth-bwdif-4.1 nur.repos.jitterbug.vapoursynth-bwdif Bwdif filter for VapourSynth
vapoursynth-neofft3d-unstable-2021-10-22 nur.repos.jitterbug.vapoursynth-neofft3d Neo FFT3D (forked from fft3dfilter) is a 3D Frequency Domain filter - strong denoiser and moderate sharpener.
vhs-decode nur.repos.jitterbug.vhs-decode Software Decoder for raw rf captures of laserdisc, vhs and other analog video formats