Name Attribute Description
artsy-0.0.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.artsy Some small programs that vaguely resemble some form of art
ff-glitch-0.1.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.ff-glitch farbfeld image glitcher
ff-notext-0.1.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.ff-notext Tesseract OCR-based text removal on farbfeld images
ff-overlay-1.0.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.ff-overlay overlay one farbfeld image on top of another
ff-sort-1.0.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.ff-sort farbfeld pixel sorter
ffshot-1.0.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.ffshot farbfeld screenshot utility
libuev-2.4.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.libuev Lightweight event loop library for Linux epoll() family APIs
netcalc-2.1.6 nur.repos.nix-geht.netcalc netcalc is a clone of sipcalc using the output format of ipcalc
open-vmdk-0.3.7 Assistant tool for creating Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)
opensoundmeter-1.3 nur.repos.nix-geht.opensoundmeter Sound measurement application for tuning audio systems in real-time
uftpd-2.15 nur.repos.nix-geht.uftpd FTP/TFTP server for Linux that just works™
vpp-23.10 nur.repos.nix-geht.vpp Vector Packet Processor Engine
python3.11-vpp_papi-2.0.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.vpp_papi Vector Packet Processor Engine - Python API
python3.11-vppcfg-0.0.4 nur.repos.nix-geht.vppcfg
watchdogd-4.0 nur.repos.nix-geht.watchdogd Advanced system & process supervisor for Linux