Name Attribute Description
avr8-burn-omat-2.1.2 nur.repos.n1kolasM.avr8-burn-omat GUI tool for avrdude
axmldec-1.2.0 nur.repos.n1kolasM.axmldec Android Binary XML Decoder
neovim-gtk-unstable-0.2.0 nur.repos.n1kolasM.neovim-gtk GTK+ UI for Neovim
obsidian-0.9.22 nur.repos.n1kolasM.obsidian Obsidian is a both a Markdown editor and a knowledge base app.
simulavr-1.2dev nur.repos.n1kolasM.simulavr Simulavr is a simulator for the Atmel AVR family of 8-bit risc microcontrollers.
SpriteSheetPacker-master-2020-06-22 nur.repos.n1kolasM.SpriteSheetPacker Sprite sheet generator based on Qt