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Name Attribute Description
argononed-unstable-2022-03-26 nur.repos.misterio.argononed A replacement daemon for the Argon One Raspberry Pi case
clematis-2022-02-08 nur.repos.misterio.clematis Discord rich presence for MPRIS music players.
comma nur.repos.misterio.comma Automatically shell into whatever package provides a command you asked for
minicava-0.1 nur.repos.misterio.minicava A miniature cava sound visualizer
pass-wofi nur.repos.misterio.pass-wofi A wofi graphical menu for pass
photoprism-220302-0059f429 nur.repos.misterio.photoprism Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow
preferredplayer nur.repos.misterio.preferredplayer A script for setting a preferred player
rgbdaemon nur.repos.misterio.rgbdaemon A daemon that interacts with ckb-next and openrgb
shellcolord nur.repos.misterio.shellcolord A daemon that themes your shell remotely
swayfader nur.repos.misterio.swayfader Window fading script for swaywm