Name Attribute Description
aw-watcher-window-wayland-master nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.aw-watcher-window-wayland WIP window and afk watcher for wayland
i3bar-river-0.1.2 nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.i3bar-river A port of i3bar for river.
kickoff-v0.7.0 nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.kickoff Minimalistic program launcher heavily inspired by rofi.
kile-main nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.kile a layout client for river with support for dynamic layouts using a powerful lisp-like syntax.
Lorien-main nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.lorien Infinite canvas drawing/whiteboarding app for Windows, Linux and macOS. Made with Godot.
lswt-master nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.lswt Simple utility to list Wayland toplevels.
swayimg-1.12 nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.swayimg a lightweight image viewer for Sway/Wayland display servers
wired-notify-0.10.2 nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.wired-notify Lightweight notification daemon with highly customizable layout blocks, written in Rust.
wldash-master nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.wldash A dashboard/launcher/control-panel thing for Wayland.
wlopm-master nur.repos.polykernel.pkgs.wlopm Simple Wayland output power management client implementing zwlr-output-power-management-v1.