Name Attribute Description
decaf-emu-unstable nur.repos.mcaju.decaf-emu Researching Wii U emulation
epk2extract-unstable nur.repos.mcaju.epk2extract epk2extract is a tool that can extract, decrypt, convert multiple file formats that can be found in LG TV sets and similar devices.
mdk4-4.1 nur.repos.mcaju.mdk4 MDK is a proof-of-concept tool to exploit common IEEE 802.11 protocol weaknesses.
prjxray-db-0.0-245-ge7663ba6 nur.repos.mcaju.prjxray-db Project X-Ray - Xilinx Series 7 Bitstream Documentation
prjxray-tools-0.1-2836-gf3028e15 nur.repos.mcaju.prjxray-tools Documenting the Xilinx 7-series bit-stream format
python3.8-fasm-0.0.2-gaf39a4fb nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.fasm FPGA Assembly (FASM) Parser and Generation library
python3.8-pyric-0.1.6-17-g0562b17 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.pyric Python wireless library for Linux
python3.8-python-prjxray-0.1-2836-gf3028e15 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.python-prjxray Documenting the Xilinx 7-series bit-stream format
python3.8-roguehostapd-1.0-45-g381b373 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.roguehostapd Hostapd fork including Wi-Fi attacks and providing Python bindings with ctypes.
python3.8-textX-2.3.0 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.textx textX is a meta-language for building Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) in Python
python3.8-xc-fasm-0.0.1-ge12f3133 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.xc-fasm XC FASM libraries
scamper-20200923 nur.repos.mcaju.scamper Scamper is designed to actively probe destinations in the Internet in parallel (at a specified packets-per-second rate) so that bulk data can be collected in a timely fashion.
symbiflow-arch-defs nur.repos.mcaju.symbiflow-arch-defs Project X-Ray - Xilinx Series 7 Bitstream Documentation
symbiflow-yosys-plugins- nur.repos.mcaju.symbiflow-yosys-plugins Yosys SymbiFlow Plugins
ubi_reader-0.7.0 nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.ubi_reader UBI Reader is a Python module and collection of scripts capable of extracting the contents of UBI and UBIFS images, along with analyzing these images to determine the parameter settings to recreate them using the mtd-utils tools.
vtr-8.0.0-3049-g64d15e2d nur.repos.mcaju.vtr SymbiFlow WIP changes for Verilog to Routing (VTR)
wifiphisher-1.4-144-g4e1052f nur.repos.mcaju.python3Packages.wifiphisher The Rogue Access Point Framework