Name Attribute Description
cabytcini-0.3.0 nur.repos.xe.cabytcini lo mi cabytcini cankyuijde
comma nur.repos.xe.comma
deno-bin-1.0.2 nur.repos.xe.deno A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
girara-0.3.4 nur.repos.xe.girara User interface library
gopls-git nur.repos.xe.gopls
gruvbox-css nur.repos.xe.gruvbox-css
hewwo-watest nur.repos.xe.hewwo
ii-1.8 nur.repos.xe.ii Irc it, simple FIFO based irc client
ix nur.repos.xe.ix command line pastebin
johaus-1.1.0 nur.repos.xe.johaus
jvozba-0.1.1 nur.repos.xe.jvozba
lchat-git nur.repos.xe.lchat
libutf-git nur.repos.xe.libutf
luakit-git nur.repos.xe.luakit Fast, small, webkit based browser framework extensible in Lua
minica-1.0.2 nur.repos.xe.minica
nix-simple-deploy-0.1.1 nur.repos.xe.nix-simple-deploy Deploy software or an entire NixOS system configuration to another NixOS system
orca-git nur.repos.xe.orca
pridecat-git nur.repos.xe.pridecat
quickserv-0.1.0 nur.repos.xe.quickserv A quick HTTP server for when you’ve given up on life
sctd-0.1.2 nur.repos.xe.sctd set color temperature daemon
sm64pc-latest nur.repos.xe.sm64pc Super Mario 64 PC port, requires rom :)
steno-lookup-0.1.0 nur.repos.xe.steno-lookup
sw-git nur.repos.xe.sw
zathura-with-plugins-0.4.5 nur.repos.xe.zathura A highly customizable and functional PDF viewer